Pasoot Lasuka

(Assistant Professor)

Pasoot Lasuka is an assistant professor of literary studies at Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University. He completed his doctoral study from the School of Culture, History, and Language, The Australian National University. His research interest focuses on how cultural narratives play a societal role in giving rise to or maintaining the contemporary and public cultures. He has published articles in Thai and English on Thai cinema, graphic narratives circulated in the online social platforms, and travel writing. Pasoot, as a chief investigator, and his colleagues from his faculty have just been awarded a research grant from the Office of National Higher Education Science Research and Innovation Policy Council for the project titled “Ageing Conditions Beyond Numbers through Literature and Language Use”. The project studies the limitation and complexity of the public health policies which relies on the objective age ranges in the ageing society. Drawing on the examples from literary works and language use in real life, the project proposes a new way to deal with this gerontological complexity and to live in the ageing society more ethically.